Freelance Writing: Telling the Truth

I would never claim to be an authority on freelance writing, but I couldn’t in good conscience develop a resource site for writers without giving freelance writing some space. While some fiction writers also write for magazines, newspapers and other publications, many fiction writers have jobs that have little or nothing to do with writing or do not work outside of the home. Now, those writers could query, write articles and submit to print publications until their work is accepted, but it takes months or years to build a reputation. So what about the writer that wants to make money now?

One way for writers to make money without spending a ton of time establishing clients is to work for Internet content providers. No, you’re not going to win the Pulitzer, and likely you’ll want to write under a pseudonym since the final result of what releases on the Internet is often outside of your control, but if you are a fast typist and have either a specific knowledge base on a popular topic or a very broad knowledge base about lots of things, then you can make a decent wage writing web content.


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