Book Covers


Book Covers: Reader at First Sight?

We’ve all picked up a book because we liked the cover. Whether it was bright colors, or sparkly wording, a bare chest or a drawing worthy of an art gallery, covers are the first thing we notice about a book. A great cover can actually create readership by setting the tone for a book and allowing potential readers to know what they might be getting if they pick it up. Every author hopes to get a cover that will entice readers to pick up the book, read the back cover copy or a couple of pages, and proceed to check-out.

Now, for the bad news: You don’t get to pick your cover.

Your publisher hires the artist, or has in-house artists that create the cover for your book. Many publishers use a Fact Sheet, or other named worksheet, that the author uses to fill in relevant facts about the book such as genre, setting, time and information about the hero and heroine. Sometimes the publisher may ask for a passage or scene for the artist to read in order to understand the tone of the book.

But ultimately, the artwork is all up to the artist, your editor and often, the sales and/or marketing department. The luck of the draw. Sometimes you will draw an Ace. Sometimes you will draw a two.

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