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Hi, my name is Jana DeLeon and I am a published fiction author from Louisiana. It took me years of writing to get published and even more years to learn enough about writing technique and the publishing business before I could help anyone else, but lately, I find myself answering more and more forum posts with detailed writing information - on technique, the writing mentality and the business of writing (including taxes - ugh).

Like most mass market fiction writers, I still work a day job, so with limited time, I often find myself rushing to answer questions in an attempt to provide something rather than nothing at all. Every time I click “Post” I think “if only I had all this written down somewhere - once, and in great detail - then I could just post a link and help more people while providing better information at the same time.

So welcome to my website. I currently work as a technical writer at my day-job, and a novel-writer and freelance writer at all other times. I’ll offer a mix of writing information, as often as time allows. In the meantime, keep writing!

Jana DeLeon

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